Real microfibers:

When you touch it, the fibers are attracted by the body’s static electricity, which makes you feel like you’re touching it

It’s the illusion that your hands are rough.

Fake is not, touch is slippery, hard feeling!

1. Hand touch. Good quality microfibers feel delicate, soft, and sticky (microfibers can feel tiny hairs on the skin). The products of Jinglun feel no sticky hand, and feel elastic with a little force, just like the kind of Jinglun sportswear sold at ordinary times (less used now, mainly in poor and backward rural market); The product mixed with cotton also feels sticky, feels a bit like a pure cotton towel, which has been explained above!

2. Method of use. When it is used to wash a face, if the face is scrubbed after wring out, it will obviously feel that it cannot be moved, with great resistance (the microfiber can go deep into the inside of pores, and the towel has great friction when it is too dry, so the product manual specially highlights the need for wet washing); When the product that blends eyeball lun or cotton is used, won’t have this apparent feeling.

3. Check water absorption. Can do a simple test, pour on the table a few water, a few kinds of towel make bibulous test respectively, the microfiber towel with good quality is bibulous fast and much, other a few kinds bibulous slower less.

4. Combustion method. When burned, the fibers give off black smoke, leaving a gel-black residue that is truly microfiber.

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Post time: Jul-09-2020