How to distinguish the good or bad of microfiber?

1. Look at the lines. By comparing the different microfiber skins with the same kind of lines, you will find that the lines of high-quality microfiber skins are clearer, and the surface layer has a strong sense of leather, while inferior microfiber skins not only have rough lines but also have a strong sense of plastic.

2. Touch the skin, which has good feel, high flexibility, resilience and comfort.

3. Look at the crease, fold the same kind of microfiber skin, compare the thickness of the crease in the middle, and see if the crease disappears quickly when recovering. The smaller the crease is, the faster the crease disappears means that the surface PU and the base cloth of the microfiber skin stick better, which is an important index of high quality microfiber skin.

Microfiber also known as “polyester composite microfiber”, known for its fineness. The quality of microfiber towel is closely related to the fineness of microfiber, the content of polyester component, the gram weight of color cloth, the quality control of towel dyeing and post-treatment process, and the sewing quality of the four sides.

Currently the vast majority of superfine fibre product is according to the 93 national standard of FZ/t62006-93 production, the main technical index is composition, content, water absorption, color fastness to some basic routine index, such as microfiber towel is issued according to the national 04 FZ/t62006-2004 standard, 2003 gb18401-2003 national textile basic safety technical specifications “and the national GB/T18885-2002 the production requirements of the journal ecological textile technical requirements and standard is complete.

Obtained the national “ecological textile” green logo license (microfiber is the current domestic towel industry the first brand of this logo).

In addition to ensuring the product’s water absorption, water absorption speed, color fastness, durability, etc., it also ensures your daily cleaning process on the face or skin health ecology further requirements.

Post time: Jun-03-2019