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Usage: Home Appliance Application: Kitchen
Material: Micro Fiber Feature: Sustainable
Place of Origin: CN;HEB Brand Name: LEZE
Model Number: C23 Color: Customized

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Supply Ability: 1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month


1. High water absorption: water absorption is 7 times of the same cotton cloth. The superfine fiber uses orange petal technology to divide the filament into eight petals, so that the surface area of the fiber increases and the pores in the fabric increase. With the help of capillary wicking effect, the water absorption effect is enhanced, and rapid water absorption and drying become its remarkable characteristics.

2. Strong decontamination power: the fineness of Microfiber with diameter of 0.4um is only 1 / 10 of that of silk, and its special cross section can more effectively capture dust particles as small as a few microns, with obvious decontamination and oil removal effect.

3. No unhairing: high strength synthetic filament, not easy to break, at the same time, the use of fine knitting method, not drawing, not off the ring, the fiber is not easy to fall off from the surface of the towel.

4. Long life: due to its high strength and strong toughness, the service life of superfine fiber is more than 4 times that of ordinary towel, which remains unchanged after repeated washing. At the same time, the polymer fiber will not produce protein hydrolysis like cotton fiber, and even if it is not dried in the air after use, it will not become moldy and rotten, so it has a long service life.

5. Easy to clean: when ordinary towel is used, especially natural fiber towel, the dust, grease and dirt on the surface of the object to be wiped are directly absorbed into the fiber. After use, they remain in the fiber and are not easy to remove. After a long time, they will even harden and lose elasticity, affecting the use. The superfine fiber towel is to absorb the dirt between the fibers (rather than inside the fiber), coupled with high fiber size and density, so it has strong adsorption capacity. After use, it can be cleaned with clean water or a little detergent.

6. No fading: TF-215 and other dyeing agents for superfine fiber materials are used in the dyeing process. Their retarding, migration, high-temperature dispersion and achromatism indexes all meet the strict standards for export to the international market. In particular, their advantages of no fading make them completely free from the trouble of decolorization and pollution when cleaning the surface of articles.

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Packaging Details PP BAGS AND CARTON
Lead Time: 30 WORKING DAYS

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Main Product
Bath towel,hotel towel,micorfiber towel,hand face towel,beach towel,wash cloth,etc
Towel Material
32s/2 ,21s/2 ,21s/1,16s,14s,10s, Polyester, Bamboo fiber, Microfiber Fabric
Size 30x30cm, 25x50cm,34x75 cm,70x140 cm,90x180 cm,or as your require
cotton:180-800 GSM; microfiber :170-400 GSM or as your require
As your require. White, Blue, Green, Pink, etc.
Logo on Towel
1. Printed 2. Embroidered 3. Jacquard 4. Embossed
We can provide free samples, according to practice buyers bear the freight.
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