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Brand Name:LEZE

Model Number:007-1


Type:Cloth Cover Type


Absorption:10-20 seconds

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Brand Name LEZE
Model Number 007-1
Shape rectangle
Type Cloth Cover Type
Weight <2kg
Absorption 10-20 seconds
Season All-Season
Room Space Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room, Dorm Room, Living Room, Kids Room, Office, Laundry Room
Design Style CLASSIC
Handle Type Cleaning
Feature Stocked, Easy Life Cleaning Floor Mop and durable
Place of Origin HEBEI, China
Brand Name LEZE
Model Number 007-1
Product name Floor Cleaning Mop
Usage Indoor and floor Cleaning
Mop head Microfiber*2 Pcs
Selling point Save Energy +Quick Dry+foldable head
MOQ 1000 Pcs

1. The 100% water absorbent microfiber cleaning head can enhance the water absorption effect by means of capillary core adsorption effect; The common cleaning cloth has no space to contain dirt and poor water absorption.

2. Softness 100% superfine fiber cleaning head is softer when used with steam; The common cleaning cloth becomes stiff and rough, and the floor is damaged by repeated friction. The advantages of haoshentuo microfiber mop cotton head over ordinary cleaning cloth are mainly reflected in the following five aspects

3. Good cleanliness, Shentuo 100% superfine fiber cleaning head filament gap can effectively absorb dirt; Ordinary cleaning cloth has no space to hold dirt, there will be residues.

4. Long life Shentuo 100% superfine fiber cleaning head does not deform after washing for many times, with super long life; Ordinary cleaning cloth is easy to rot and mold, causing secondary pollution.

5. The washing condition is good, Shentuo 100% superfine fiber cleaning head can be cleaned with clean water or a little detergent after use; The common cleaning cloth is not easy to clean because of the residual dirt and fiber.

 Name pocket mop
 Color blue/red/green/yellow
 Size 44*14cm
 MOQ 1000pcs
 Gross weight of each product(g) 190~250

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